6 Roofing Trends in 2017


Roofing Trends


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6 Roofing Trends in 2017

Elliott Roofing proudly serves Oklahoma as an industry leader. We have been providing superior customer service to the Oklahoma City and Tulsa communities for more than 35 years and are honored to do so. It is vital for our team to stay on top of roofing trends and update processes to create a better product, enhance the efficiency of homes and increase your castle’s curb appeal.

Check out a few recent roofing trends we’re sure you’ll love!

1. Quality Prevails

Our customers have been requesting higher quality roofs again and again, now more frequently than ever before. They are tired of replacing their roofs every few years due to Oklahoma’s weather elements. Specifically–hail. Can you blame them? Because of this, we are installing more and more “impact resistant shingles.” Impact Resistant shingles are manufactured and constructed differently than your standard composition shingles. Whether these shingles are composed of enhanced materials or reinforced with fiberglass and backing, it reduces the amount of granule loss during an impact to the face of the exposed shingle. These specialized shingles must pass strict industry testing to qualify for impact resistant ratings. These impact resistant shingles have become essential to the lifetime of a roof, especially with Oklahoma’s ever-changing weather. Be sure your home is prepared for Oklahoma’s unknown and get your free inspection or repair estimate today!

Fun Fact: Homeowners can qualify for a home owner’s insurance discount when they choose impact resistant shingles for their roof.




2. The “Finial” Touch

Copper finials and copper cupola accents have been upgrading home appearances for centuries and provide a luxurious look for an unbeatable price. The word “finial” derives from the word “final.” In fact, these copper finials or copper cupolas are often the final touches to give a home that “wow factor!” Our sales manager, Chris Marlatt, claims these features as his favorite home add-on. He loves to see such a small accent piece make a huge difference. We can price out the finials and cupolas to include these finishing details in almost any residential roofing job.  Get in touch with our team and find out how we can quickly upgrade your home!


3. Roof Tech

We have seen enormous growth in recent years with the advancement of commercial roofing applications and you bet Elliott Roofing has been right in the thick of it. Companies are increasing the efficiency of their roofs to improve the quality and longevityof their buildings. We are Oklahoma’s commercial roofing experts and offer a wide variety of quality commercial roofing solutions. In fact, we have specific production teams for both residential and commercial roofing to ensure we are your go-to team for any roofing project. Check out some of our commercial roofing projects!

4. Go Green, Save Green

Right now, about 9 out of 10 homes are under-ventilated and it is often a simple roofing fix! Increasing ventilation in attics reduces the strain on heat and air conditioning systems. In addition, we use a lighter underlayment that breathes. We provide several options for an overall better-ventilated roofing system that naturally results in a more energy-efficient home. Let the roofing experts decrease your heating and air costs and enhance the look of your home. Contact us to get started today!




5. Let Those Shingles Mingle

Blending roofing materials is the hottest trend in real estate right now. We love to use metal materials as an accent to traditional shingles. Mixing and matching roofing materials can really make an aesthetic difference to the exterior of your home. You’ll have the neighbors saying, “Well, would you look at that!” They’ll wish they went with Elliott Roofing, too.


6. Customer Service Wins The Day

Finally, the biggest trend in roofing is fantastic customer service. More than ever homeowners are looking for companies with integrity over those that simply promote cheap prices. We like to say, “we’re your neighbor, your friend.” The rest of the roofing trends are, at best, secondary to the feeling of being taken care of. We stand by the quality of our work and take great pride in our commitment to honest, friendly service. Our customers have come to expect that Elliott Roofing will take care of their home and family. We have been a local, family-owned-and-operated business since 1981 and are proud to continue our roofing legacy. Check out what our customers say about us and why we love to serve Oklahoma. http://elliottroofs.com/testimonials/

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