Elliott Spotlight: Matt Case, Managing Partner


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Elliott Spotlight: Matt Case, Managing Partner

Matt entered the roofing industry in 2010 when his family became owners of Elliott Roofing. The Case family purchased the roofing company just one week before the largest hail storm in Oklahoma City’s history. Matt says he was immediately thrown to the wolves! He started performing repairs and post installation quality inspections right away… Too many to even remember. He lived in Tulsa at the time and can still travel I-44 with his eyes closed (if he had to).

Our team sat down with Matt to learn a little more about him, his family and his passion for roofing. Learn more about our managing partner below!

1. What keeps you busy outside of work?

My family and my house keep me happily busy in my free time. I spend my spare time doing lawn and garden work, cleaning our pool and watching my kids grow. Our family is usually found cooking in the kitchen and we enjoy getting out to travel. When I am not enjoying family time, I take pleasure in golfing and hunting.

2. What are you most passionate about with Elliott Roofing?

I’m most passionate about my team. If employees and subcontractors are truly happy with Elliott Roofing, it tremendously improves the customer experience. We put an incredible amount of effort into maintaining our fantastic company culture. For us, it is all about our work family and the core values that bind us together as a team. Our core values spell out DEVOTED.

Diligent, Ethical, Valued, Original, Trustworthy, Efficient and Driven.

3. What does your day to day look like at Elliott Roofing?

My day-to-day efforts are focused on debriefing our three teams: sales, production and operations. I want to be sure to stay up-to-date on all projects including production, progress, developing innovative roofing solutions and customer satisfaction. I enjoy being in the thick of it when issues arise. It is a collaborative effort to develop the right solution for each project. I keep in close communication with our industry by networking with other contractors, architects or manufacturers within our trade. And did I mention email??…I spend a great deal of time corresponding and navigating my inbox.

4. How does Elliott Roofing give back?

We want to be as charitable as possible. We recently developed a new and exciting initiative to give back to our Oklahoma community. Our charitable giving mission is driven by the idea that “Everybody Deserves a Roof Over Their Head.” As a team, we thoughtfully selected organizations in need and who align with our mission. One of our wonderful charitable partners is the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. We volunteer our time in their adoption center every Wednesday. We have found immeasurable joy and great reward in working as a team to give back!

5. Why do your employees enjoy working at Elliott Roofing?

Going back to culture…it is all about our people and our work family. We have extraordinarily tight working relations at Elliott Roofing. Everyone is valued, each voice is heard and every opinion is respected. Our doors are open, we are transparent with one another and we do not micromanage. We realize that we are all working together to carry the ball to the same end zone. I believe that our employees enjoy their jobs here because they are cared for and supported. Beyond all of that…we have FUN…in and out of the office.

6. How has Elliott Roofing grown since you and your wife, Holly, became managing partners?

Elliott Roofing has changed a lot since Holly and I came to the forefront of the operations just four years ago. Elliott Roofing was mainly a residential roofing contractor and we noticed a great opportunity in commercial roofing. Jumping into the commercial roofing piece of the business was an enormous leap of faith! It was not an easy endeavor, but seldom anything worthwhile comes easy. I am very proud to say that we worked hard and have had great success. We are very proud to be involved with several of the most recognizable and exciting commercial projects in the state.

7. Where would you like to see Elliott Roofing in the next 5 years?

We have many goals set for ourselves. Most of all, we would like Elliott Roofing to grow consistently over the next 5 years. We hope to continue to deliver the same honest, friendly service as our customers have come to depend on. We hope to continue to nurture and grow our great team. We are excited to see our charitable giving initiative grow into an even bigger, more wide reaching, impactful program.  We have been in business for 36 years this year – celebrating the big 4-0 in 2021 will be a remarkable time for us!

 8. What makes you proud of Elliott Roofing?

Our dedication to each other and to our customers is what makes me so very proud of Elliott Roofing. When a team works well together the customers experience automatically improves.

9. You have had many employees there a long time and everyone is excited to be there. How do you keep company culture so high?

I believe that our culture is so great because we are not afraid to show how much we appreciate each other. We are a tight knit group. As our office secretary said just this week “We are like brothers and sisters. We may give each other a hard time now and then, but we are back to laughing in no time.”  We truly have a good time at work. Outside of the office – we get together frequently to play Top Golf, grab meals, bowl and explore our cities. We try to get families together a couple times a year for some fun in the sun. We are proud OKC Thunder season ticket holders and we disperse the tickets evenly among the employees. We always have goals and incentives to help boost productivity and create a little healthy competition. We work hard and play hard.

10. What challenges have you seen owning a roofing company? How did you rise above the obstacles?

I’ve run into plenty of obstacles at the helm of Elliott Roofing. Being true to myself, customers and employees always helps me raise above. Honesty conquers all.

11. What is one of your favorite roofing stories?

Our local supplier took Holly and myself on a vacation last January while my estimators were bidding on the largest project this company has ever gone after. Come to find out my competitor (and great friend) was bidding the job and happened to be on the trip with us. We were both very involved in the bidding process and hopeful to land the job. This project involved many different styles of roofing and some of the styles had never been installed in the state, or surrounding states…ever! We were sitting on the beach together when they announced that Elliott Roofing was awarded the job. My friend/competitor raised his drink and said, “I have no problem losing this project to you and your company. Well done and congratulations.” This project put Elliott Roofing on the commercial roofing map.


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