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FAQ: Roof Inspections

An inspection with Elliott Roofing is a full top-to-bottom inspection of the home’s roof. It covers proper installation for all aspects of the roofing system. The homeowner will receive a comprehensive list from Elliott Roofing of all discoveries and recommendations moving forward.

Check out a few frequently asked questions about a roof inspection!

Q: What are the reasons for a roof inspection?

A: There are a few variables for a roof inspection:

  1. A repair
  2. A re-roof
  3. After major storms
  4. A homeowner is selling their home
  5. A customer is buying a home


Q: Should a homeowner inspect their own roof?

A: No. The homeowner is not properly trained to know what to look for and it can be very dangerous to climb on a roof without the certified equipment. Leave it to the professionals.


Q: What is the difference between a home inspector and a roofing company inspecting the roof?

A: A roofing company knows the current codes, manufacturer specifications, installation guides. The inspection check-list can be much more comprehensive with a roofing company. A home inspector can overlook items they may not know about.


Q: What is the cost of a roof inspection?

A: An estimate for a repair or replacement with Elliott Roofing is free.  We have a wonderful inspection service for those looking for a comprehensive assessment – complete with a written report and photos. This is a great option for those looking to sell or purchase a new home; or need professional documents present in real estate transaction.


Q: Does the homeowner need to be home for a roof inspection?

A: Not always, but it is preferred. It gives us a chance to get to know the homeowner and we can fully show them what we are inspecting and further explain.


Q: How often should a homeowner have their home inspected?

A: Every 2-3 years, when a big rain or hail storm comes through or right before the winter season. It allows our team to catch damages before they occur.



Q: Does the roofer just stay on the roof for the inspection?

A: A qualified and trained roofer should go into the attic and check for leaks that are not visible straight from the shingles.


Fun Fact:  Owens Corning does yearly routine inspections on multiple roofs to ensure Elliott Roofing is held to the highest standard. Elliott Roofing has and will continue to be a Platinum Preferred Contractor.

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