How to File a Roof Damage Insurance Claim





How to File a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Elliott Roofing is here to help when the unexpected happens. We understand filing a roof damage insurance claim can be complex and sometimes frustrating, so we have laid out a few key points to follow.

1. Keep record of the time and date of the storm and take photos of the damage before any clean up.

The insurance company will ask for the date and approximate time of the storm so be sure you can provide that information. Photos directly after a storm can give the insurance company a chance to see the true damage to the home which is vital to your claim.

2. Avoid door-to-door sales.

Door-to-door sales become more frequent after a major storm that could have caused damage to your home. Companies can often be looking to thrive on the storm damage, so be cautious. Be sure to breathe and take your time before reacting to storm damage. Rest assured that Elliott Roofing’s inspections are 100% honest and always have our customer’s best interest in mind.

3. Have a roofing company come out to inspect the property damage in relation to the storm before contacting the insurance company.

Elliott Roofing provides free roofing inspections to determine if an insurance claim should be filed. This inspection can save you from filing an insurance claim that is not needed. A zero-dollar claim to insurance is the same as a paid-out claim.

4. Request a roofing expert be the point of contact.

If an insurance claim is necessary, Elliott Roofing will serve as your insurance claim specialist to make the process seamless. We can check all code upgrades and address any issues at our adjuster meetings. Our team helps eliminate front-end delays on getting your home back to its original form. Let the experts represent you.

5. Get your home back to normal.

With Elliott Roofing as your insurance claim specialist, the process will be taken care of and the weight will be off your shoulders in no time.

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