About Ice Damming and Preventing it

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In Oklahoma, the weather is very unpredictable and the winter is frigid. Like most states in the U.S., the people in Oklahoma also take precautions to combat the freezing temperatures and save their structures, roofs, plumbing system and wiring from the winter weather.

In many cases, people have problems with their roof in winter due to ice-damming. This is the reason why everyone should have a roofing contractor in Tulsa, OK inspect and perform the required repairs and maintenance before the mercury goes down to freezing level.

But, what is an ice dam? Basically, it is frozen snow above the eaves of your roof. It is frozen from the front but has a melting backup under the shingles. This causes immense pressure to the roof from both the snow and water, leading to leaks and cracks.

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Prevention of this situation is possible. The problems caused by ice dams can be prevented following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Proper ventilation, drainage and insulation are the ways to prevent ice-damming.

  • You have to ensure that the gutters are clean and not full of leaves and other debris.

  • Check the seals to determine there is no leak in the attic, vent pipes, chimneys, light fixtures, exhaust fans and any others.

  • Be cautious of signs that signify inadequate ventilation, such as a mildew smell, rusty nails, rust spots and many others.

  • Make sure that the vents you have on the eaves are not blocked and insulation is secured to allow air to flow securely.

  • Scrape the roof to avoid excessive snow accumulation.

  • You can install ice slides to separate the lower roof from the snow.

  • Ice and water resistant shields are also quite useful in this case.

  • Heating cables can help snow melt easier.

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If you are looking for an efficient roofing contractor in Tulsa, OK, for an inspection and recommendations on preventive steps, you can come to us at Elliott Roofing. We have expert teams to inspect the problem and uproot it, to keep you away from any hassle in the wintry season.