Compensate Your Roofing Repair with an Insurance Claim

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Roofing installation and repair is a hectic job that you can’t perform on your own. Do you know that you can file for insurance claim for the roofing repair? Well, you need to be with the right contractor, otherwise, your claim can be denied in a tricky way. For preventing such a situation to take place, you should report very carefully about the damage. If you live in Oklahoma City, call our roofing contractors for the inspection and assessment of the condition. It would help you to get a better idea on the repair and its claims.

Here are some useful tips on filing the claim in the right way.

Documents of the Reasons for Roof Damage

During a storm, roof damage often occurs. Take photos or notes when the storm takes place. This will help you report the reason better. And the insurance company may not be able to deny the fact. The best is to take pictures to show damage, like the suspended or missing shingles and the moist areas inside the building. Take snaps of hailstones at the coins or tape measurements. In addition to it, keep photographs of your car or your siding with the fallen trees or damage. You can ask neighbors, too for the pictures of the surrounding damage so that it wouldn’t look fake.

roofing contractors in oklahoma city ok

Be Sure of the Coverage

The coverage areas may differ from policy to policy. Whatever policy you have purchased, you have the right to know your coverage areas. The insurance coverage and the maintenance plan are two completely different areas. You may need a new roof if the problem is beyond repair.

Quality shingles can last for 30 years or more but you have a good chance of damage in case of insufficient maintenance. It depends on the situation whether it is enough to justify a complete replacement of the roof or filing a claim. You can contact our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK for detailed guidance.

In this context, you have to remember that even a disaster can lead to zero coverage if the roof maintenance is neglected. This is the first way to avoid insurance firms repair claims. The insurance company may say that poor maintenance jeopardizes your roof if there is cracked and curling shingles, underlying or roasting gutters, missing soffit etc. Our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK can help you in this situation.

roofing contractors in oklahoma city ok

Estimate the Roof Repair

It is essential that you contact a good roofing contractor in Oklahoma City, OK before filing for your roof repair claim. It will help you to understand the cost of repairing damage. Some insurance companies have a reputation of undermining consumers, which only provide sufficient funds to substitute the poorest quality materials for your roof.

Do You Need to File a Claim for Repair?

The cost of replacing a total roof could be as high as $ 20,000 but all roofing repairs are not so costly. Perhaps it won't be worth filing a claim to a small $ 3,000 replacement or patch job.

The considerable part here consists:

  • The deductible amount

  • The cost of repair and

  • Your history for filing claims.

roofing contractors in oklahoma city ok

The claim for the insurance of your roof repair can be easy if you consult with our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK. We at Elliott Roofing strive to be a company where people get adequate help for anything pertaining to their roofs. Come to us for a detailed discussion.