Cool or Green Roof – Make the Right Choice

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There are a wide array of options for people looking to choose a roof for their building. The options include metal, green roofs, EPDM, thermoplastic, green roofs and many others. Each of the types have a unique area of advantages and pitfalls. Comparing those as per your needs and preferences, you can then choose the best one for you.

There are two new popular types of roof available on the market now – green roofs and cool roofs. Cool roofs are there to reflect sunlight and revert the heat to the atmosphere. And green roofs are there to absorb sunlight and heat the interior beforehand. You have to decide what amenity you want for the interior of your building and choose the roof accordingly. If confused, you can call our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK, for guidance.

Before deciding the right roof for you, you should know about the pros and cons of the two.

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There are many advantages of getting a cool roof or green roof for your building. Not only in terms of aesthetics, but the amenities they provide are quite useful as well.

  • It can reduce the energy bill by improving the room temperature excluding the artificial heat and air conditioners.

  • You are able to save resources, therefore, it is environment-friendly.

  • A cool roof can reduce emissions including sulfur dioxide, mercury, carbon-dioxide and nitrous oxides, when used by a power plant.

  • A green roof can be used to stop noise from coming in and hail protection.

  • It can stop UV rays from hitting the roof membrane directly.

  • It holds 50% - 60% of stormwater.

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Along with the advantages, there can also be several pitfalls for a cool or green roof.

  • A green roof needs certain irrigation maintenance for climate changes which includes watering the plants, fertilization and many others.

  • For the installation of a cool or green roof, you have to consider the weather of the location as well. If the heating cost is higher than the cooling cost, there is no use installing a cool roof. Rather, it can increase the heating cost in the winter. In the hotter seasons, it is very useful.

  • The unwanted glare can be problematic for neighbors.

  • Generally, this comes in a variety of shades of white which makes it dust and dirt prone.

  • Green roofs are quite heavy so not all structures can handle the load.

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If you can’t decide which one would be good for you, ask our roofing contractors for a suggestion in Oklahoma City, OK. You can also come to us for a detailed discussion regarding your preferences, requirements and wide selection of choices. Our professional team will ease up your decision-making process.