Do You Really Know Your Roofing Material?

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Being one of the roofing contractors in Tulsa, we are always there to help you build your roof, repair it, maintain it and replace it if needed. But we have come across during our service that many people do not know about the material their roof is made of. It is required for them to maintain the upkeep of the roof and prevent the damage. Hence, we thought it relevant to discuss some of the common roof materials so that the customers can be aware of the limitations, durability, sturdiness and maintenance.


It is popular for the residential buildings. To cover up the residential structures, shingles are quite effective and durable. The material is made of wood fiber, mat of paper, cellulose and others saturated with asphalt. This process makes it waterproof. The top coat is also asphalt where the ceramic granules are embedded.


This is basically synthetic rubber roofing. The membrane of the roofing includes ethylene and propylene as two primary ingredients. These materials are derived from natural gas and oil. TPO is gradually taking over the market of EPDM.

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This is an abbreviation of Thermoplastic Polyolefins. This is a blend of polypropylene plastic, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber or polypropylene rubber. For its exceptional durability, it is used in most commercial roofs with no slope.


Made of aluminum, steel, titanium, zinc or copper, the metal roofs are extremely long-lasting. As the strongest roofing material, the roofing contractor in Tulsa recommends this for commercial buildings.

Composite or Synthetic

For mimicking the look of real tiles, this is a roofing option for an excellent aesthetic beauty. In addition to this, the material is eco-friendly, energy efficient and sturdy as well.


This is a natural stone and reveals its beautiful appearance when used as a roofing material. This is an expensive option, but it is worth for its looks and durability.

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This is also a long-term solution for the roof. Made of thick, UV-protectant and flexible thermoplastic material this membrane is strong enough to stand against the extreme weather. In most of the commercial building in Tulsa, the roofing contractors install this roof.


With the help of asphalt or cold adhesive, following the torch process, this modifies bitumen is made. This is a system where a two-ply system is applied in rolls overlapping the previous roll.

It is possible for you to be confused with the materials and choose the right one for your building. It is better to consult the same with the expert roofing contractors of Tulsa to get enlightened. And, when Elliott Roofing Service is there for you, you don’t need to waste your time at other places. Call us now!