Environment-friendly Slate Roofing – Make It Your Choice

slate roofing

Slate is a popular design material, from roofing to flooring, to landscape design. Slate has been seen as one of the best materials since it is a natural material. It is a material which has been in use for centuries, made of fine-grain metamorphic rock made up of volcanic ash or sedimentary ash deposits.

This metamorphic finely grained rock has been used since Roman times and is remarkably durable, fireproof and naturally waterproof. It is great for numerous applications including roofing and covering floors due to it being durable and attractive.

The natural slate consists of clay or micas based on the extent of its metamorphism. The original clay minerals alter to micas that have increased heat and pressure levels.


One of the finest ingredients has always been natural slate. Slate tiles are best used and known for their strongness and waterproof properties in northern areas and countries that make them the perfect solution for the harshest weather conditions, therefore, it is a popular commercial roofing material in Tulsa, OK.

Ecological Option

Natural slate remains environmentally friendly throughout all stages of its life. It is one of the best natural choices for sustainable buildings because of this. Below are some reasons why the best ecological option is natural slate:

Natural – Slate is 100% natural as a mineral product. Drainage has a low environmental impact thanks to its simplicity and efficiency.

Reusable – Natural slate is a material that at the end of its life can be recycled easily.

No chemical emissions – Extraction and working processes are the means of producing natural slate. Because no artificial materials or chemicals are needed, the slate is sustainable for any project.

Durable – Slate has over 100 years' durability, making it the most resistant roofing material. It is better than any other roofing material to perform.

commercial slate roofing in tulsa


Slate roof has an optimum long life. In fact, a slate roof withstands even longer than the structure of a building given proper care and maintenance. It also contributes to environmental sustainability. Slate roofing keeps other materials with limited lifespan out of the landfill as you will buy it once in a lifetime.


Slate is degradation resistant, regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, it is resistant to impacts. It means that it can resist severe wear and tear. It reduces the requirement of heavy-duty roof replacement, saves your money and helps the environment. A simple annual inspection is enough to make sure that this material lasts long. Slate is great for your home, lasts a lifetime and protects your home from surroundings. You have come to the right place for the first-class experience of possessing a slate-made roof. You can easily choose this material for your home or commercial roofing in Tulsa, OK.

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