Green Roofing and Four Ways to Benefit from It

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Roof landscaping works in both big cities and small towns. To many roofing companies in Tulsa, it’s a quirky concept. The environmental benefits, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal are the three major factors behind the growing popularity of green roofs. There are several exciting ways in which green roofs can be used.

  1. Green Space is an innovative way to use the green floor concept on your terrace. David L. Lawrence Convention Center used this creative idea and made the terrace exceptional. Organic heirloom vegetables at the center, calming grass, and plants divided by blue glass pavers that give a feel of a river and various types of plants make it eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing.

  2. Facebook has adopted the idea of green space for meeting and exercise for its headquarters. Their nine-hectare garden contains over 350 trees and 100,000 shrubs in foam wells to control growth and prevent the extension of roots. It includes many relaxing benches and a meeting room.

  3. An area of the green vegetative roof can absorb rainwater. Hardy plants are planted on the roof so that they can survive in the scorching heat and frigid weather in Tulsa. The waterproof membranes are there for the protection of the roof. It is the concept implemented in many buildings vulnerable to flood and rain damage.

  4. Some building owners incorporate the concept of green roof for a rooftop walking path, a relaxing area and nice views for their guests with the help of roofing companies. However, behind this aesthetic beauty, it serves an important function as well. The plants help to retain most of the rain in the area with a runoff that is directed to the cistern underground. This cistern is used for the irrigation of the property and other uses of water such as in toilets.

tulsa roofing companies

As a roofing company in Tulsa we at Preferred Roofing find this trend interesting to say the least. For environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, green (though not literally) roofing options, get in touch with our trained roofing professionals today!