How to Pick the Right Shade for Your Shingles?

Brown Shade Shingle

There are dozens of colors for your shingles when it comes to replacing your roof. Whether you're searching for something brand new or matching your current style, here are a few ways to help find your shingles.

How much of your new backyard roof is visible? Consider it as part of your decoration on the outside! Alternatively, contact a roofing contractor in Tulsa. 

Might you like a graceful gazebo in the middle of a garden or simply a relaxed chat room on your deck or patio? They blend in bright colors with the natural environment, gardens, and landscape. Lovely!

No matter what your dream is, when you spend so much time out, you'll see more of your roof. Therefore, it would be nice to look at the asphalt shingles that you chose for your roof and make a personal statement about those who live under its protection.

Can a roof express the personality of a homeowner? You can create a warm, friendly feel or a bold, dramatic statement, that depends on the house style and the color the chosen roofing shingles. You can choose a classical elegance or an ultra-modern style.

Tips for Selecting Shingle Roof Color

Up to 40% of your interior visual appearance can represent your roof so that it deserves as much consideration as you would have devoted to it. Choose a color and profile to enhance the architectural style of your home when selecting your asphalt shingles and turn your eye to specific details such as dormers and gables.

Factor to ignore color is too important. It has a psychological effect not only on us; it can serve a different purpose (calming, soothing, exciting, etc).

How can you choose colors to add to your home? Starting with thinking big is helpful. Narrow your choices then.

Dark Black Shade Shingle

Darker colors absorb heat. Lighter colors reflect heat and can help you keep your home cooler, although with a grain of salt you have to make a difference in the energy saving. Proper ventilation and the quality of the insulation in your home are the determinants of your energy efficiency.

Does the shingle color guide your complex or neighborhood? While colored shingles or unique shingles can look striking, certain areas have color constraints. This makes the neighborhood look uniform. Ask a neighbor or consult our roofing contractor in Tulsa before selecting shingles.

What's your siding color? Do your current shingles match your color and material, accent or clash? These questions help to guide you from or toward certain shingle options. Colors can look tempting, but do not choose an option that conflicts with your current colors on the outside. Otherwise, your siding may have to repaint to match your bright new roof.

Aside from personal preference, you want a good home. Think of popular shingle colors that invite and increase your home interest. Don't forget to curb appeal whether you're going to sell or are in your forever home.

For more information, consult a roofing contractor in Tulsa. Our experienced contractors at Elliott Roofing have seen roofs around the area and are familiar with current trends in shingle colors. Don't just settle with color because it's always like your roof.