Install Skylight Properly to Avoid Hazards

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Skylights can make any home or business more beautiful and sophisticated if installed in the right way. They become a costly liability if they are done incorrectly. Use these tips from our commercial roofing professionals in Tulsa, OK, to prevent common skylight installation pitfalls:

  • Quality: A skylight is a window in your roof and must be ready to block the elements. Ensure that the energy efficiency and UV protection ratings are examined to avoid turning the space into a greenhouse. If quality is maintained a skylight is likely to increase the property’s value.

  • Rain: Be careful about your local weather forecast, it can help prevent skylight installation in a rainstorm. The project needs to be done properly, and unfavorable conditions can introduce moisture where it should not be.

  • Slope: Before you buy flashing and other material, always find out the slope of the area. If you fail to measure correctly, inappropriate materials may give you a tough time.

  • Safety: The installation may require you to work precisely on a roof. Some experts recommend that roof jackets be used to create a safe work platform. Before you start the project, ensure you are aware of the risks and can handle the heights.

  • Installation: The process can be easier and safer by starting the skylight installation from inside. The exact area for the hole will be better marked, and when you change to the roof, you can see where to work.

  • Water Damage: When installing your skylight, look for as many waterproof products as possible. Waterproof flashing and additional screens can prevent water collection and stops water and ice from weakening the area.

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  • Ventilation: You can open a self-ventilating skylight to increase the airflow across the room. This option is recommended by many commercial roofing professionals in Tulsa, OK but must be done right.

  • Remove Shingles: It is always a good idea to remove the covering from your roof in the area you will be working. That reduces the mess and makes seeing what you are doing easier.

  • Drywall: Drywalling and isolating the skylight area will make it waterproof and make it look complete.

  • Professionals’ Consultation: An experienced commercial roofing professional in Tulsa, OK, can tell you the best types, locations, and methods to install a skylight. Check your design to ensure you don't interfere with load-bearing supports, electrical cables or other interior characteristics in your skylight placement. Cutting can lead to costly repairs later without proper planning.

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