Longest Running Roof – What Is That?


When you build your new house, the first thing that comes into your mind is how to build a strong and long-lasting roof. You are ready to invest to construct a strong yet beautiful roof. But, have you ever wondered which roof supposed to last long?

So, what kind of roof lasts the longest? To answer this question, we need to consider the many variablesthat lead to longterm wear and tear. We also need to consider how durable the roofing material is; how probably that material can endure severe damage. Be in touch with the experts of Tulsa roofing companies to get the best roof installed for your home.

There are five variables to consider before considering a roof as a long-lasting one:

  • Local climate–condition of weather, wind force and rain.  

  • Environmental factors–this also involves wildlife risks.

  • Building design–how design may or may not be encouraging to future risks. For instance–a building built in business or industrial areas is more probable to encounter chemical, exhaust and residual dangers–decreasing the lifespan of the roof.

  • Material–which sort of material is selected to cover the roof. Varying from, slate, tile / concrete, wood shake, asphalt, metal and foam, among others. The endurability of the roof depends on the materials used to build the same.

  • Implementation–how the roof is built with best expertise and professionals.

Type of Roofs That Last Long


Asphalt Roll Roof Asphalt

This type of roofing is produced of big rolls.  It is of the similar products used in asphalt shingles. This type of roofing is best for flat pitches, which is like angle-shed roofs. Roll roofing is installed in overlapping courses by laying strips across the ceiling in a lengthwise style. Roll roofing are made up of simple material and is easy to install. Therefore, many DIYers do this on their own. But it is well-matched for garages, and possibly porch roofs and sheds. This type of roofing is not very beneficial as home roofs.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

A layered roof produced by changing layers of roofing is known as a built-up roof. Waterproof materials such as fiberglass and warm tar (bitumen) are used in this kind of roofing. BUR roof is fire-resistant and cheap materials roofing style usually used on flat or very slight pitched roofs. However, the installation of the roofing is a bit hassle prone.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof

Composite Shingle Roofing is the most common of all roofing materials found in more than 80% of all households. Composite shingles use an asphalt-saturated organic or fiberglass base. It is covered at the bottom with asphalt, and the exposed surface soaked with slate chips which are small, quartz, schist, or granules made of ceramic. The huge popularity in Shingles is due to its astonishingly low price, hassle-free installation, and long-life expectancy. These roofs are usually built by professional crews. However, a qualified and experienced DIYer can also go for the installation process.

Wood Shingle Roof

Wood shingle structures are produced of wedge-shaped. These are part of natural wood like yellow pine or cedar, and slender. They create an incredibly appealing roof. However, the main problem is, this roofing styles are difficult to install and not appropriate for most DIYers. The increasing fire risks in some areas have triggered legal constraints on the use of wood roofing materials. They are not a good option for places where there are seasonal wildfire risks.

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