Residential Roof Inspection Repair and Checklist

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Your roof is something big, and you need a source for repairing the residential roof when something happens to that roof. Otherwise, in your house, you're only waiting for the elements to arrive. If your roof gets damaged, it is critical that you react immediately to the damage and search for roof repair in Oklahoma City. The destruction can mount rapidly, otherwise. What began as a little problem can become a large expense in only a few days. Have fun, if this is your goal! If not, don't wait for a particular roof repair.

What Can Damage a Roof?

Your roof, while tough, is not invincible. Roofs can become damaged byhigh winds, ice or hail, falling branches of trees, heavy debris lead by hurricanes or tornados, pests, moss or other plant growth. 

Exterior Roof Inspections Cover:

  • Blistering, curling, dividing shingles.

  • Loose shingles.

  • Nails that are loose or exposed.

  • Nails that were driven incorrectly

  • Cracks and hip lines from broken or loose shingles.

  • Metal flashing that is rusty or corroded.

  • Flashing that's damaged or missing.

  • Seals that were broken on shingles.

  • Excessive loss of shingle granules.

  • Cracks in the chimney.

  • Downspouts and gutters check.

  • Any damage or rot to the fascia boards.

  • Siding status near the roof.

  • Overhangs, gutters and eaves.

Interior Roof Inspection

  • Cracked roof sheathing.

  • Measure the correct attic ventilation and calculate it.

  • Sagging deck.

  • External light coming inside.

  • Exhaust fans for proper ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Leaks around chimneys, vents or other places.

  • Condensation signs, moisture or mold.

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Older Roofs Are More Vulnerable

Although your roof and shingles seem good, a thorough inspection could reveal less obvious damage. So, do not allow a superficially good appearance to lull you into a falsified sense of safety.

Our best roofers in OKC conduct a thorough inspection. Some do only a primary roof inspection, which consists of an examination of the exterior of the roof and basic components such as flashings, sometimes only from a street level. While this is necessary, a more thorough inspection may help to identify areas and items, which could avoid further damage.

Hire Professionals

We are here to help whether your repair is large or small. Shingles, flash chimneys, skylights, etc. are replaced. We can implement emergency measures if the damage is serious, so that your home remains safe, as long as we carry out more detailed repairs. We're going to get your home back in no time in good condition.

Come to Elliott Roofing for roof repair in Oklahoma City, whether it is a damaged roof by weather or wear and tear with time.