Risks of Delaying a Roof Repair

A roofer repairing a roof

Fixing several household problems is common. A leaky roof needing repair should, however, be given the top-most priority on your housekeeping list. Roofing leaks may arise for various reasons: improper roof installation, damage by wind/storm, and maintenance deficiencies. Please note that most roofs should last only 20 to 30 years after replacement, after that you should call our roofing company in Tulsa to repair or restore.

Why is a small leak in your roof so important to your whole household? Many homeowners consider a leaky roof as a problem, but it can pose threats to safety and health. Eventually, continuous water penetration will come down from the attic to the house walls and foundation leading to expensive damage. Here are a few ways of damage to your house from a leaking roof.

Mold and Mildew Growth

In a more extended period, a leaky roof could cause mold and mildew and is one of the most severe consequences. Mold can be expanded to the HVAC system and through the openings into the rest of the parts of the home where it can intrude to carpeting, furnishings, and even clothes. The most serious one is black mold that is a result of the constant intrusion of water. The development of toxic black molds is different, but non-toxic black mold can also attack wood framing or ceiling tiles, coverings on floors and walls. It's hard to get rid of mold, and it's expensive.

Electrical Issues

Moisture can come into contact with your electrical cables and outlets in your ceiling and walls. Dramatically the scope of electrical damage can vary. You could have an electrical fire, damaged appliances or injury to your breaker, or worse. A swift roof repair reduces the amount of water in your home that may contact the cables.

Reduced Insulation

The leak from your roof and the walls, which can soak your insulation, may cause the water to pool. Most homes are insulated with fiberglass. This and many other popular types of insulation clumps and compresses. If the insulation is soaked with water, your home will lose significant energy efficiency.

damaged ceiling

Damage to Attic and Ceiling

Downstairs damage and stored items are the first dangers from a roof leak. If the leak size is large, then the inner ceiling is damaged for which you should summon our roofing company in Tulsa. The ceiling color may darken, and plaster on the ceiling could bubble and expand. The water that leaks also damages paint and plaster on nearby walls. Damage on ceiling lights and fans can also be expected.

Fire Hazard

A leaking roof could leave a risk of fire from shorted wires if your electric cabling in the attic or ceiling. Electrical inspection in the affected area is highly recommended, and an electrician should investigate it.

Slip / Fall

A roof with severe leaks can puddle the water on the ground. It may not be an enormous risk, but you need to dry up the water to prevent direct hazards when you have an active family especially children.

A roofing company in Tulsa knows why delaying a roof repair can put several hazards to resident’s health and the building. If you find any of the signs mentioned, call us at Elliott Roofing in Tulsa.