Save Energy with the Choice of Right Roof

Engineer inspecting The Roof

The most common consent of homeowners is energy efficiency. When the weather is cooler in the mid-Atlantic states, our customers begin to consider maintaining their home in winter. However, over all four seasons, energy efficiency is vital. Your roof is more important than you could imagine.

Importance of Roof in Controlling Temperature

The only thing between devices inside and the rays of the sun is the roof of your data center. When the sun shines all day on the roof, the temperature inside the building can increase significantly. In a warm sunny climate of Tulsa, OK, many data centers have this particular situation. Furthermore, some commercial roofing materials available in Tulsa, OK, absorb heat and trap it inside and keep the building warm even after the sun is down.

Maximize your investments in a retrofitted roof or roof by focusing on these four energy-saving roof elements which can reduce your electricity bills substantially and extend the roof life.


You can still improve the energy health of your existing roof by upgrading your house insulation if you are just not ready to jump for new shingles. This insulation layer creates a barrier to reduce the amount of thermal transference in the living section of the house between the toasted attic and the air controlled by temperature.


During the summer months, the insulation acts as a thermal barrier between the living room and the roof. Excessive attic heat can distort the roof deck and shorten the useful life of the shingles without any sort of ventilation. The intakes are placed alongside the lower points of the roof and often in a soffit underneath the eaves, drawing fresh air into a barn. A natural airflow circulation process occurs when combined with the exhaust winds which are placed higher up on the roof. Intake winds are heated by cool air and then climb to a top of the attic where exhaust winds are used. This natural process maintains the absence of extreme heat in the attic.


Color of Shingles

Dark roofs absorb heat from the sun more than light-colored roofs, which transfers heat to the base of the roof deck and the below deck. Commercial roofing companies in Tulsa, OK, offer solar-reflecting shingles that reduce the transfer of heat to the attic. Highly reflective shingles last longer as their cooler base doesn't age as fast.

Selecting the right roof for the job can be a powerful tool to cut energy consumption and improve energy efficiency over the long term. An appropriate commercial roofing system for your data center in Tulsa, OK can:

  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%

  • Reduce the capacity of HVAC

  • Maintain the efficiency of air conditioning at the rooftop

  • Improve insulation performance to maintain the temperature in summer and winter

It is always easier to avoid a problem than to correct it, and an efficient commercial roofing system in Tulsa, OK, will save money on an old and inefficient one. Apart from the disastrous possibilities, a quality, professionally installed roof is worth energy-saving.

Elliott Roofing professional can be your guide while choosing the best roofing for your commercial building.