Signs of Roof Damage – When Should You Replace It?

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Once you realize your roof is worn out, you might wonder whether your roof should be repaired or replaced. While you probably hope you can solve problems quickly without shelling out for a new roof, replacement of the roof is sometimes the best way of doing things. If you can't decide how to handle problems on your roof, hire your roofing contractor in Tulsa if you find yourself in these situations.

You can get an insight into its longevity by observing a wall inside. No brainer, if there are spots or cracks, the wall needs assistance from certain expert resources.

Water Spots

Moisture and rust both can damage a wall. It's most likely due to bad flashing if the problem turns worse after rain. It requires roofing repair skills that can significantly reduce the leakage.  

An Older Roof

You should consider how old the roof is before making repairs if you see missing shingles or a roofing problem you suppose is fixable. It's better to replace an old, worn-out roof. Asphalt shingles are good for 15 years; 30 to 50 years for clay or concrete tiles. It’s high time to make an investment in a replacement roof if it just couldn’t handle another storm, therefore, contact our roofing company in Tulsa today.

Granules in Gutters

Granules on roofing shingles work enormously well to stop harmful rays from the sun; therefore, the shingles will no longer work as well whenever those granules dislodge. In some cases, as a result of the granules leaving the roof, the surface may turn smooth.

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Damage Spreads

The roof condition is often difficult to tell from outside. When you see a color-related degradation on the ceiling or when you see symptoms of mold or rot growing on attic surfaces, you have to get a new roof right away. Always ensure that microbe and fungal growth on walls are kept under control. The rapid growth of these microbes will make the wall look ugly and cause further wall damage, not to mention health concerns.

Resale Value

If you are trying to sell, an old damaged roof will frighten buyers away. To enhance the value of your home and persuade potential purchasers to take an interest in your home, upgrade your roof by hiring roofing contractor in Tulsa in cases of serious problems or if the life expectancy of your home reaches its end before it is placed on the tough housing market.

Come to Elliott Roofing. At our roofing company in Tulsa, we will help you to replace, repair or to install a completely new roof.