Strategies to Prevent Roof Damage in Winter

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Keeping your roof damage free is essential for the sake of your family safety. In winter roofs need to be protected as the temperature starts to drop and snow and ice fall. Start looking for a roof repair company in Oklahoma City, and check what you can do on your own to protect it.

1. Gutter Cleaning

The canal and drainage system along the edge of the roof helps to collect and remove water from your home. Clogs lead to water pooling on the rooftop. Mold and mildew are bound to grow when such a thing happens. In freezing weather that water can turn to ice making the situation worse.

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2. Remove Debris from the Roof

Litter accidentally can happen on your roof. Even small, wind-swept objects can break or dissolve shingles. Wet leaf stacks can result in molding. Nuts or berries are enough to tempt pests. At the end of the season, it is essential to clean the roof to avoid potential problems but make sure to do it safely.

3. Treat Mildew and Mold

Have your shingles taken on a green, yellow, or black shine? You could have a moss, algae, mildew, or mold problem. These can damage your shingles and the sheathing underneath, as well as produce a nasty odor. According to the best roofers in OKC: don’t chance it. Use the safest, most effective products on the market for wiping out invasive growth.

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4. Scheduled Inspection

Roof repair companies in Oklahoma City can now use drones to accurately measure and closely follow shingles and areas of particular concern without endangering you or your home. Walking on the roof edges is risky, but it can lead to unintentional damage to the roof.  Roofing companies now can use drones or other devices for roof measurements and shingle observance. This close checking is needed for keeping your home risk free.

5. Broken Shingles

Substitutes for damaged or missing shingles prevent moisture leaks into attic and damage to the rest of your home. You could need several thousand dollars to repair when you notice such signs. A complete fall inspection at home keeps energy bills low acting as a preventive measure.

6. Seal Around Pipes and Other Fixtures

Every single puncture made for an appliance installation makes an entry for water into the home. Multiple products are there to keep moisture outside. The products may need a regular touch-up. Fall is the perfect time to reseal punctured points and to prevent water from seeping inside.

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7. Trim Tree Branches

After a stormy summer, the temperature starts to drop and winter wind knocks down loose branches. If branches fall on the roof, it may damage shingles. To prevent this, trim tree branches over the roof before winter arrives.

There are multiple roofing companies in OKC, but you must choose the best roofer out of the lot. Contact us at Elliott Roofing for your roof related issues. We will assure a safe shelter and a clean, dry home.