What Does a Roofing Warranty Cover?

Concept of warranty coverage

How much does your warranty cover? If you do not know it in papers, you would answer incorrectly to the misconceptions about what a warranty covers and what not.

Don't get taken off the guard. Do the right thing to your roof by reviewing your guarantee, fully understanding your terms and implementing an intelligent maintenance plan to keep your roof guaranteed over the lifetime. Ask your roofing companies in Tulsa to know well about it.

How Does Warranty Work?

People often think of a roof guarantee in the same way that they think of electronic warranties, but nothing can get beyond the truth. Typically, the roofs come with a guarantee from the contractor of two to five years covering defects in the assembly, but beyond that, the warranty is provided entirely with materials guaranteed by the manufacturer and only covering the roofing materials.

Building owners often confuse warranties with insurance policies but they are different. They are also not a maintenance agreement or guarantee that the roof is waterproof, or quality workmanship built. Except for the warranty period of the contractor, it is only the materials covered. If the material is naturally distinguished from dry red or other natural elements, this would be covered, but these cases are rare. Roofing is generally used for the duration of the warranty.

Nevertheless, it is important to preserve your guarantee even though you never have to use it. If the material defects are found on your roof, the cost of your roof can be as high as the original. Keeping your guarantee is not just your building, it protects your wallet.

Roof installment is a critical investment for your home or company. You're going to want to place money in a guarantee if you invest in a roof. Before you make the purchase, you should be aware of the types of warranties and what the warranties cover, therefore, should consult with roofing companies in Tulsa.


The system warranty covers only roof defects. These defects must be caused by incorrect installation.


Only labor costs are covered. There are no materials covered by this guarantee. It is important that you have a clear understanding of what a labor policy is all about.

Roofing Material


Material guarantees are only a guarantee that your roof can withstand certain roof defects. If you have a wrong installation or you don't keep your roof, you won't protect yourself from rooftop damage.

Warranty of the System

System guarantees cover labor and materials costs. These guarantees are provided by the roof manufacturers and can guard you against installation failure. However, if your damage results from maintenance failure, they won't cover you.

Warranty of manufacturer

Warranties from manufacturers may cover warranties for materials, labor and system. These guarantees last between 10 and 30 years. This warranty does not protect your roof against any damage, but it protects the non-factory components of the rooftop against roof damage. Not all guarantees are identical, of course. Your guarantee needs to be understood precisely.

What Is Not Covered

Most of the exclusions are subject to a roof warranty, such as roof leak damage to the interior of the building. These events typically cannot be covered by warranties.

Generally, production and inventory loss, damage to the other roof parts, an act of God, damage by the environment, vandalism, equipment, water pooling, wind or blisters are not covered by a warranty.

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