What to Think about When Choosing a Color for Your Roof

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Replacing your roof is the perfect opportunity for transforming the look of your home. While planning for a project, among the most important things you need to consider is roof color. This is a critical task as roof color becomes part of the home exterior for quite a long time. Here in this article, we will discuss important considerations of choosing a color in a roof remodeling or a roof repair project in Tulsa, OK.


Keeping aesthetic appeal aside, roof color affects the temperature of the attic. In return, it makes a notable difference in heat and AC costs. Light tones shingles reflect more heat keeping the interior cooler in summer. Similarly, dark-toned shingles turn more light into heat keeping the home warm. Choose the color wisely so that it does not only contribute to the exterior but in your comfort also.

Other Parts of Your Home’s Exterior

While choosing a roof color, take your exterior color into account. Your roof shouldn’t grab attention for the wrong reasons. Take your windows or sidings as inspiration to choose a complementing shade. Additionally, the roof is among the biggest exposed surfaces of any home; therefore, choosing bold colors always is not a good idea. Consult with our experts at Elliott Roofing for suggestions.


Style of Home

Every color does not suit all architectural styles. For example, dark colors go well with dark and bold shades. Know your home style first to make its features pop. The architectural look of your home is easily affected by roof color, like light color can give a more substantial visual appeal and dark color does precisely the opposite.

Come to Elliott Roofing and choose the best roof color to go with your home with expert guidance. We can also help you with roof repair in Tulsa, OK.