When Do You Need a Professional Roofing Contractor?

Professional Roofer

The roof of your home is a structure in which professional help should always be provided. Many people like to do projects around the house, but working on a roof without any professional training is dangerous while you should be able to get an inspection from professional roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK, once a year, you also have to check for the following signs of damage yourself.

Broken Shingles

Your shingles on your roof should always be in good condition, but you may realize that some shingles will start to crack over time. It is also common for shingles to altogether drop out in patches. If you live in an area prone to high winds, like Oklahoma City this is more likely. There is no overly serious concern about one or more missing shingles, although you still want it examined to prevent further damage. You may have a fundamental structural problem to resolve if your roof lacks many shingles.

Missing or Damaged Roof Flashing

Flashing is integral to the integrity of your roof, as the roofing materials are secured by them and the roofing system can be damaged by water and other waste otherwise. Breaking the flashing seals allows water to penetrate and build up as and cause damage. Weather and time can both cause flashing damage, as can a poor installation. Make sure that flashing is only installed by a trained professional and regularly inspected to avoid expensive repairs.

Old Roof

Your roof could be too old for you to be adequately insured or just old enough to be more of a risk than protection for your building, depending upon the material that is used to cover your roof. You may know if the roof is installed long ago, but, apart from that, the noticeable signs of damage may also show the age of the roof.

A roofer checking Roof Damages

Moisture Problems

A wide variety of damage may also be caused through water leakage, not just to your roof, but also to the environmental controls in your building (plumbing, ventilation, heating, electrical air conditioning, etc.). When insulation is moist it doesn't work as well, so your utility costs may increase. A sounds roof and dry insulation saves you money on heating and cooling. Also, wet insulation is a mold breeding ground, and it is not uncommon for mold and bacteria to develop in the roof system and around it due to leakage.

Clogged Gutter

After heavy rain, it is always advisable to monitor your downspouts. There might be a problem elsewhere when you see very small water coming through — or none at all. An obstructed down spout flow can create moisture on your roof, leading to other damage related to the increase in standing water. Wetting and pooling water on the roof can also indicate an obstructed down spout, so the warning signs might still be present even if you have not had severe rain.

Contact our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK, to carry out a thorough inspection if you are serious about your roof. It can be expensive to replace a roof, so it's essential to take care of things you can see including signs that can be seen from inside or from the ground outside and to alert the professionals who can take care of it. We are Elliott Roofing, roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK, who can inspect and repair your roof so that you can get the most from your investment.