Why Do You Need a Quick Inspection after Roof Damage?

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After a hail storm, inspections of damage must be at the top of your to-do list. You may not know about roof damage after a storm as it could be possibly invisible. You may not be able to address damage on time, resulting in additional roof repair cost over time as roofing problems can be more expensive as months go by. If you proactively approach and plan proper inspections of the hail damage roof immediately, it could be your best bet to keep your roof safe and secure.

Call an Experienced Professional

Upon calling a certified and qualified roofing contractor in Tulsa, OKC, you can expect a helpful and knowledgeable person to interact with.

•    Share all the details of your damaged roof.

•    Give professionals the correct address.

•    Set up a convenient schedule for visitation.

•    Share insurance details.

The initiated step always should be straightforward that will give you complete peace of mind. Let your professional asses your roof to detect damage. If at any time you feel inspections are not going right or your questions are not answered you can opt for another contractor. 

roofing contractor tulsa ok

Conducting an Inspection

After the hailstorm, a professional test should be conducted as soon as possible. It ensures that you can identify brewing issues before any damage worsens. An experienced contractor knows exactly what to search for and will find damage that is not visible to untrained eyes.

Common Signs of Damage

•    Missing / loose / damaged / split shingles

•    Holes in the protective layer

•    Deteriorated material

•    Water damage

•    Fractured or exposed fiberglass

•    Weak roof seal

In addition to the current list of damage, a plan for the repair will also be provided by a good roofing contractor in Tulsa, OKC, performing hail damage roof inspections.

Shouldn’t I Just Have an Insurance Adjuster Inspect my Roof?

Honestly, not everyone in the insurance industry is excited to pay for hail damage. They may try to inspect your roof by their own inspector and claim that a third-party inspection is not necessary. However, you usually have the best interest in carrying out the roof inspection outside of the insurance company by a professional. This will ensure all damage is brought to light as something to be repaired and which you are actually covered for.

roofing contractor tulsa ok

Trustworthy Inspection

You can turn to our Elliott Roofing team to complete the job right the first time. From your first call to the office to our inspection report and specialist repairs, you will notice the difference.

Dealing with hail damage is not an easy task. Our roofing contractors at Elliot Roofing in Tulsa, OK, are always happy to answer all your questions.