Why You Should Invest in a New Roof

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The roof is one of the most essential parts of a building. The roof is not only a protection against natural risks for you and your building but also adds value to your property. In the real estate market, a new roof will always win. It appears to be an awkward job to refurbish and replace your roof. However, this is a key way to protect the stability of your property and enhance its value.

If you’re not ready to call a local commercial roofing company in OKC, here are four ways a new roof increases your residential or commercial property value; if there is still some doubt:


Modern roofing material today can improve the appeal of your housing complex and create a rustic slate or high-end stone-look with shingles. New asphalt shingles of the architectural grade provide an amazing texture and color. Who would have thought you could use asphalt shingles to duplicate the look of an expensive slate roof? The choice of high-grade asphalt shingles today makes it possible.


Longevity is another reason to invest in a new roof. How long is your roof going to last? Asphalt shingles used to have 15-20 years as standard warranties. Asphalt shingles of premium quality today offer guarantees for up to 50 years. Whether you are planning to sell or keep the property for years here, a new roof comes with a new warranty, which means that your home is now up to 50 years protected. Naturally, precipitation and climatic factors affect the lifespan of a roof; ask your roofing company to find out more about warranties on your roofing.

roof resale value

Resale Value

A new roof is always good for resale when the property is sold. The assessment is estimated that a new roof will increase the value of the property by 20% to 40%. Given the cost of a new roof, this is a serious return on investment.

Energy Efficiency

New shingles’ energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are higher than previous models. The technology is improving over time. So a new roofing technology now exists that can reduce your property's utility bill. These roofs will help keep your home cool in summer days and reduce the use of your air conditioner with their ability to reject solar heat. That's how to save you money.

A new roof is a big investment, and a confident contractor should be chosen to complete the job. Remember these four ways that a roof increases your property’s value, which enhances your overall investment. For inspections, honest estimates and information on practical roofing options, call Elliott Roofing to be your commercial roofing company in OKC.