Your Roof Also Needs to Vent

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Whether it is a public or trade requirement, most customers have one question in common, that is about roof ventilation. Most people do not know the importance of roof ventilation or do not know the scientific explanation behind it. The fundamental explanation is very simple, it helps the air exit and enter the attic; that is it allows circulation.

According to the roofing companies in Tulsa, there are two basic types of roof ventilation – exhaust vents and intake vents.

tulsa roofing companies

Ventilation Benefits

  • You must have seen icicles build up on the edges of your roof. This is called ice damming, but what you cannot see is the damage it is doing to the roof. It happens when heat from inside the attic combines with the heat outside, this melts the snow and keeps the roof warm. When the resulting water starts to flow off the roof it starts to refreeze. When ice builds up on the edge, it begins backs up, which causes damage to the attic and the entire roof. Good ventilation helps this warm air to escape before it gets a chance to melt snow and ice on the roof.

  • When the temperature is rising outside, everyone wants a cool inside. A well-ventilated roof allows inside heat to escape and lowers the air conditioners workload.

  • If you do not have a good ventilation system it can make your upstairs warmer. That is why you need to have adequate ventilation and air circulation.

tulsa roofing companies

Make sure when you are working on your roof ventilation it is properly balanced. This is imperative for even air flow. Also, pay attention to ensure you are not using conflicting types of vents. Roofing companies in Tulsa always suggest not keeping a power fan beside a slant back gravity vent as they contradict one another.

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