Elliott Roofing is a family owned company with core values to reflect. Our team sat down to find out what sets Elliott Roofing apart and after a long discussion of who Elliott Roofing is and what customers we represent, we landed on the word DEVOTED. Elliott Roofing has been devoted to our customers, company and team members for over 35 years serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City communities. We broke down the word “devoted” into the most important qualities and have spelled them out for our team to follow and our customers to see through the service and work we provide. You can see our team members live out being “devoted” everyday!

We understand that we must put our team first, and in turn, we do what is best for our customers. Our team dug deep to answer some questions about what working for Elliott Roofing means. Check out some of our answers to see what makes our team so special!

“The family environment is what makes Elliott Roofing feel like home compared to other working environments. I know I can call any of the team members and get help as needed without a question.”

“I’ve seen firsthand that the employees are truly a part of the team at Elliott Roofing.  Each employee’s input is recognized and considered, especially when it’s relating to bettering the customer’s service needs and experience.” 

“I can definitely say that Elliott Roofing is not only a great company to work for, but also a great company for customers who have any type of roofing needs.”