Let’s jump back to 1988, a year filled with denim outfits, U2 and when gas was a mere $0.91/gallon. Elliott Roofing was a fairly young company, just seven years old to be exact. We were busy proving our skills and quality of service to the citizens of Oklahoma. A sweet couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, hired us to replace the roof on their Oklahoma City home. Having never used us before, the Smiths took a chance on Elliott Roofing. Little did anyone know, the Smiths found their roofing company for life.

Fast forward to 2018. Our residential roofing team schedules an inspection on an Oklahoma City home for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith. When our estimator, Bryan, arrived he was greeted by this same sweet couple who presented him with an Elliott Roofing contract straight out of the 80s. Bryan was captivated with their story and enjoyed hearing about their experience all those years ago.

In 30 years, the Smiths never needed a roof repair and never experienced a leak or any storm damage. This is unheard of, especially in Oklahoma! Their roof, which had a 20-year manufacturer warranty, lasted a full 30 years before they were forced to replace it to continue their insurance coverage. Bryan mentioned in discussing the longevity of the Smith’s roof, “When a 20-year roofing system lasts for 30 years with no problems, why not use Elliott Roofing to have a new and improved roof last another 30+ years.”

After all this time, we were absolutely thrilled to hear that the Smiths had such a great experience decades ago and that they chose Elliott Roofing to serve them again. “Previous customers are the cornerstone of our business. Earning the trust of a homeowner and gaining the opportunity to serve them over the years is our ultimate goal. We strive to become our customers’ roofer for life. We are so pleased that the Smiths have found that in us,” said Matt Case, managing partner of Elliott Roofing.

After seeing our joy in the nostalgia – they even gifted us our old contract to hold onto. Once our entire team heard the Smith’s story and saw the contract and old logo, we knew we had to commemorate this experience. So, we created throwback t-shirts for our team with old school Elliott Roofing branding. With now more than 37 years of experience, fair pricing, and professionalism, Elliott Roofing continues be “The Quality Choice.” What a fun story this has been for our team to share!

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
— Douglas Adams