Gathering Place

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware of Tulsa’s latest crown jewel: Gathering Place. The privately funded park in Tulsa’s Riverside district will host a 100 Days of Opening Celebration, beginning Sept. 8 with a free concert headlined by The Roots. We’re thrilled for the park’s public debut and even more grateful for the opportunity we had to contribute to such an amazing piece of community collaboration.

We first became involved with the Gathering Place in the fall of 2015, when we were asked for help producing a roofing bid. From there, the project took on a life of its own, pushing us outside of our comfort zone and inspiring us to create something truly special.

“We installed some standard roofing systems for the project, like what we normally do – TPO, metal roofing,” Managing Partner Matthew Case said. “But some of the more unusual things we did were installing one-of-a-kind German slate on a steel wall. We also installed unique stainless steel wall cladding imported from the U.K. These intricate projects are like nothing that we have ever done before. As a matter of fact – these specific materials and installation techniques can’t be found anywhere else.”

From purchasing materials and importing from other countries, to engineering and installing pieces that weren’t prefabricated, to just navigating such an enormous job site, each step of the project tested us. But, the team stepped up and grew like a family to see it through.

“There are not a lot contractors that can do this, that have the financial backing behind it or have the capability and the team around it to put the project together,” Sales Manager Chris Marlatt said. “It gives me confidence knowing we’re one of the elite contractors in the state of Oklahoma and that we can handle it.”

If you have a chance to make it to the park, you can see our work for yourself. We were proud, humbled and grateful for the opportunity to take the job on – and all things considered, we think it turned it out pretty well!

“I’m from Tulsa – I’m a Jenks boy – so being able to build a part of this amazing park is extremely gratifying to me,” Case said. “Tulsa is extremely lucky to have such an amazing facility. Folks are going to go out and see some of the work that we did. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it and think of us.”