The start of a new year is the time for setting goals, making resolutions and preparing for what’s ahead. This year, we’re making one of your resolutions easy. In 2018, stay on top of your roof maintenance to make your shingles last longer and avoid costly services and repairs.

We’ve prepared a seasonal timeline to help guide you through quarterly maintenance checks, possible issues that arise with the changing seasons. As always, we offer free roof inspections if you need any assistance!


Winter weather brings freezing temperatures and precipitation. When ice and snow accumulate, it can create an ice dam. An ice dam is a ridge of ice at the edge of a roof preventing the snow, ice or water from draining properly. This can be extremely harmful to your roof because the moisture will soak into the shingles causing damage and possibly leaks.

Other ways to prevent damage to the roof and leaks into the home include having open ventilation systems and making sure that all low slopes, valleys and eaves are sealed.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Be sure your roof and gutters are clear so water can drain properly
  • Check that your ventilation systems are working properly
  • Inspect low slopes, valleys and eaves to make sure they are sealed

If you do encounter issues with snow or ice build-up on your roof, never throw ice melt on the roof. This can cause serious damage to the shingles and shorten the life of your roof.


With spring comes rain showers and storms. It is especially important to keep your roof clear of debris and leaves so water does not sit on the roof. Because of high winds and rain, this is the time of year you are likely to see debris on your roof. Debris can trap moisture as well as damage shingles depending on the wind speed.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Clear your gutters before rain season starts
  • Keep your trees trimmed to prevent branches from falling onto the roof
  • Continuously use a blower to clear the roof of leaves, branches and debris


To prepare for heat waves, ensure that your ventilation systems are working properly. Keeping your attic cool will help prevent your roof and shingles from sustaining damage from heat. While inspecting and maintaining your roof, keep foot traffic to a minimum as this might cause damage to the shingles. As warmer weather approaches, the shingles can become soft and fragile.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Inspect the roof for any damage from spring storms
  • Check that your attic ventilation system is working properly to cool your roof


One of the most important maintenance items in the fall is continuously clearing the roof and gutters of falling leaves and debris. Because the fall months require minimal maintenance, it is the perfect time to prepare your roof for the harsh winter weather. Check that your shingles are in good condition and all low slopes, wall and penetrations are cleared and properly sealed.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Keep the roof clear of falling leaves and debris
  • Have any cracks sealed in preparation for winter precipitation
  • Clear the gutters to make sure water is draining properly

Maintaining the quality of your shingles can help prolong the life of your roof. If you are unsure how to inspect or maintain your roof, call us at (405) 789-4646 for a free inspection.