“Project of the Year” – Osage Casino

            Tulsa, Oklahoma is known for their deep roots in the oil industry as well as a variety of museums and historical attractions, and now as the home of the brand new Osage Casino and Hotel.   Opened to the public in August 2018 after more than ten years of planning and development, the large facility features a 247,000 square foot Las Vegas-style gaming floor, event space, restaurant and bar.  Also attached to the casino is a 132 room hotel with a fitness center, pool, and on-site brewery.  Expected to be a significant economic boost for the Tulsa community, project managers were eager to get construction completed and revenue flowing.

            Elliott Roofing, located in Oklahoma City, was contacted by the general contractor to assist with the 171,000 square foot roofing portion of this highly anticipated project.  Originally specified as a modified bitumen with an added protective coating when construction was finished, the Elliott Roofing team identified an opportunity for cost savings with the Duro-Last Roofing System and pitched their idea to project leaders.

            “After reviewing our numbers, the architect agreed to our substitution request almost immediately and opened it up for bidding,” explained Matthew Case, Managing Partner at Elliott Roofing.  “Our Duro-Last bid was selected, and between the material and labor reductions we were able to provide enough of a cost savings to ultimately allow for the addition of a parking garage to the overall project.”

            The Elliott Roofing team utilized Duro-Guard ISO and tapered EPS over the fluted metal deck to create adequate drainage, and finished the roof with custom-fabricated Duro-Last 60 mil membrane and accessories.  Casino owners also took advantage of their proximity to the Tulsa airport and added a custom-printed rooftop logo available through Duro-Last, providing a unique branding opportunity.

            “From start to finish this project moved very fast,” said Matthew.  They wanted our crew to follow directly behind the framers and lay the roofing materials as soon as the deck was put down.  To accommodate the timeline we ordered all of the material at once, so our biggest challenge was coordinating multiple semi-trucks and getting the material on the roof.”

            Working largely with a single six-man crew, Elliott Roofing was able to complete the project in approximately six months.  “We did bring in an additional crew when we got into the larger space on the roof, but a majority of the work was completed by a core team of six,” explained Matthew.  “With the custom-fabricated deck sheets and accessories that we used on this project, we were able to move efficiently with a small team, especially when we got into the penetrations and curbs.  The final result looks very sharp and we were able to keep on pace with the demanding timeline that was given to us.”

            In the end, the owners were excited about the unique look of their roofing system and the superior protection offered through the Duro-Last 20-Year NDL Warranty.  “This entire project required a significant investment by owners, not to mention the hundreds of new gaming machines inside,” said Matthew.  “It was extremely important to the owners that they could trust not the products we were putting down but the warranty that backed those products as well.  Duro-Last gives us a unique opportunity to stand behind the roofing system with their comprehensive warranty options, and the owners really recognized the value in that relationship.  All in all, this has been a fantastic project for us to be involved in.”