What Exactly are Soffit and Fascia Anyway?

Though roofing terms like soffit and fascia may sound like a different language to many, their definitions and functions are much more straightforward. Essentially, the two work in tandem to keep moisture and animals from damaging your attic.

At their most basic, the soffit are the horizontal boards that cover the eaves of your home and fascias are the vertical section. 

In a bit more detail, the soffit is the skin of the eaves. Other than protecting from the elements, the soffit can also help ventilate your attic. If ventilated, it allows for continuous air flow to draw heat and moisture from your home. 

The fascia is the vertical edge that runs from the ends of the rafter to the soffit and primarily protects against water. It not only serves to waterproof your attic but the entirety of your house as well. In addition to its practical purpose, the fascia functions aesthetically as well. It creates a smoother, more uniform look to the top of the house.

To maintain the soffit and fascia, here are a few care instructions:

  • Keep paint fresh 

  • Check to make sure the soffit is closed tightly and lacks any voids

  • Inspect for insect and animal damage in your soffit

  • Clean any debris or buildup from the soffit 

  • Keep the gutters clear of debris for proper water flow 

  • Select the correct gutter size for your home

  • Check the function of any attic fans to help with ventilation

Hopefully, these unfamiliar terms feel a bit more recognizable now! In reality, they may be simple, but they serve a big role in protecting your house from animal intruders and rainfall. With a little upkeep, soffit and fascia can continue to protect your home for years to come. However, if you think you might need a little help with their cleaning or repair, Elliott Roofing is only a phone call away.