The Importance of Proper Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is something that can benefit your home in all seasons and can be a critical addition to the build. Roof ventilation is a key factor in the life of your roof. There is a lot of information out there on the subject – so let us break it down for you.

There are many reasons roof ventilation is important. One of the main benefits of roof ventilation is expelling the hot air that builds up in the attic. Venting helps keep the temperature at a moderate level in the attic, allowing the air conditioning unit to cool the home more efficiently. This keeps your house cooler in the summer – which is something that all Oklahomans can appreciate. 

Another reason for ventilating the roof is to prevent moisture from building up in the attic. All homes produce large amounts of moisture into the air. Moisture comes from showers, sinks, bathrooms, washing machines and many other sources. Without proper ventilation, trapped moisture in the attic can lead to mold. Excessive moisture caused by poor roof ventilation and attic insulation can deteriorate your entire roofing system from the decking and supports to the underlayment and shingles. Without proper ventilation asphalt shingles may develop cracks, blisters, and premature granule loss.

Proper ventilation in the roof can help prevent issues such as ice dams that can develop on the eaves and valleys of roofs. The water that backs up behind an ice dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.

A balanced ventilation system is very important. Roof top ventilation is there to expel air and moisture but cannot operate properly without intake ventilation. Intake ventilation usually come from soffit vents but can also be achieved with eave/edge vents. Our roofing professionals will help ensure you have a working and balanced ventilation system. 

Options for rooftop ventilation:

There are many types of roof top ventilation and the size and design of your house will contribute to the decision to choose one type over the others. We can help you choose the right ventilation for your home.

Traditional box vents and wind turbines are widely used and can ventilate properly but are limited to how much air they allow to exhaust. Many times homes with these types of vents do not have enough vents.

Ridge vents are a great option to help ventilate your attic. They are installed at the very top of your roof and let the air circulate out of the attic naturally. If your home design allows for ridge vent it can a very effective type of ventilation. 

Another great option for proper attic ventilation is having a roof top solar fan installed. There are many roof ventilation fans on the market, but we recommend Remington Solar Attic Fans. Remington offers the best warranty in the business and some of their products qualify for tax credits. They also have an installation option to hardwire the fan into your home’s electrical system for days when the sun isn’t shining.

If you have questions about ventilating your roof, give us a call – we can answer any and all questions that you may have about your roof.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Jonie's Story

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a time we at Elliott Roofing hold near and dear to our hearts. We know all too well the effects breast cancer can have on people’s lives, from our blood relatives to our work family. Jonie, one of our longest-tenured employees, is a breast cancer survivor. 

Jonie has been with Elliott for 11 years and is one grandchild away from being able to field an entire baseball team. She may be small, but she’s not afraid to lay down the law – keeping us in line when we’d rather be practicing our backflips off of our truck tailgates. Working in administration, Jonie makes sure we’re fine-tuned and focused.

Fortunately, Jonie’s story is one with a happy ending, which gives her the opportunity every October to reflect on her five-year journey with breast cancer.

“When I was diagnosed, my family, my work family and my faith kept me going,” Jonie said. “It’s nice to know that other people are thinking about not only you, but people who are struggling with the disease right now.” 

Owners Matt and Holly Case also have been affected by breast cancer in their personal lives. Matt’s grandmother succumbed to breast cancer in 1984, and his aunts are survivors. Holly’s sister-in-law died from the disease in 2002. The void left by those we’ve lost constantly reminds us to count our blessings and remain thankful for the ones who are still with us.

To honor Jonie, our families and others who’ve felt the impact of breast cancer firsthand, Elliott Roofing will be donating $100 of each reroof contract we sign in October to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We believe in the value of giving back, especially when we have the opportunity to support a worthy cause that helps those closest to us. It is a joy and privilege for us to help in any way we can!

If you’d like to show your support for breast cancer awareness, visit this page to learn more.


Good news for businesses considering commercial reroofs: A new tax law now allows businesses to fully expense a roof up to $1 million in a single year!


Previously, roofs had to be expensed slowly over time via depreciation, but thanks to Section 179 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – which broadens the parameters of “qualified real property” to include nonresidential roofing improvements – business owners can immediately expense the cost of commercial roofing projects starting this year. That means a quicker, easier process with simpler budgetary and tax considerations.


“It’s great because in a lot of cases when a business owner has a roof that needs to be replaced, they’re just trying to patch it with ‘Band-Aids’ to avoid an entire reroof,” Senior Commercial Estimator Paul Stowe said. “With this incentive, it’s better to get the whole roof replaced and bring it up to code. So now is the time.”


The new law also could lead to an influx of reroofing contracts, which means business owners looking to take advantage of the new law should act now before the rush.


“I don’t think the word is out yet,” Stowe said. “But a lot of people try to maximize their write-offs toward the end of year, so we’re expecting a lot of owners will be trying to get their roofs replaced come Christmas time.”


If your commercial roof needs to be replaced, call Elliott Roofing today at 405-789-4646 in Oklahoma City or 918-524-4646 in Tulsa.


“If you have any questions at all, call us,” Managing Partner Matthew Case said. “We will have the answer.”

Gathering Place

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware of Tulsa’s latest crown jewel: Gathering Place. The privately funded park in Tulsa’s Riverside district will host a 100 Days of Opening Celebration, beginning Sept. 8 with a free concert headlined by The Roots. We’re thrilled for the park’s public debut and even more grateful for the opportunity we had to contribute to such an amazing piece of community collaboration.

We first became involved with the Gathering Place in the fall of 2015, when we were asked for help producing a roofing bid. From there, the project took on a life of its own, pushing us outside of our comfort zone and inspiring us to create something truly special.

“We installed some standard roofing systems for the project, like what we normally do – TPO, metal roofing,” Managing Partner Matthew Case said. “But some of the more unusual things we did were installing one-of-a-kind German slate on a steel wall. We also installed unique stainless steel wall cladding imported from the U.K. These intricate projects are like nothing that we have ever done before. As a matter of fact – these specific materials and installation techniques can’t be found anywhere else.”

From purchasing materials and importing from other countries, to engineering and installing pieces that weren’t prefabricated, to just navigating such an enormous job site, each step of the project tested us. But, the team stepped up and grew like a family to see it through.

“There are not a lot contractors that can do this, that have the financial backing behind it or have the capability and the team around it to put the project together,” Sales Manager Chris Marlatt said. “It gives me confidence knowing we’re one of the elite contractors in the state of Oklahoma and that we can handle it.”

If you have a chance to make it to the park, you can see our work for yourself. We were proud, humbled and grateful for the opportunity to take the job on – and all things considered, we think it turned it out pretty well!

“I’m from Tulsa – I’m a Jenks boy – so being able to build a part of this amazing park is extremely gratifying to me,” Case said. “Tulsa is extremely lucky to have such an amazing facility. Folks are going to go out and see some of the work that we did. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it and think of us.”

WITH LOVE – Testimonials From Elliott Customers

Customers are the heartbeat of our business. When our service team is on a job, the customer is trusting Elliott Roofing to protect their property and family with quality materials and workmanship – tasks that we don’t take lightly. All of Elliott’s work stems from our core values. We are D.E.V.O.T.E.D. to our customers and team: Diligent, Ethical, Valued, Original, Trustworthy, Efficient, and Driven.

Don’t just take our word for it! Occasionally, we’re blessed to receive feedback and reviews from our customers that help elevate our current and future roofing projects. In the video below, you’ll hear from a family that trusted us with their roof and how the experience led to a long-term relationship with Elliott Roofing.

For more reviews on our team and customer service, search “Elliott Roofing” on Google and Facebook. If you’re looking for a roofer you can trust, connect with us today in Oklahoma City (405-789-4646) or Tulsa (918-524-4646).

Wind Damage

“Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!” What other states might consider gale-force winds, Oklahomans feel as a light breeze. While the “breeze” sure is nice on a hot summer day, it is always good to consider how wind can damage your roofing system.

You can expect your roofing system to withstand a reasonable amount of wind over time, with the exception of events like tornados and other natural disasters. There are two different types of wind that can hit your roof: positive pressure (pushing) and negative pressure (suction). The stronger the winds, the more stress points it creates in your roofing system.

The shape of your roof and type of pressure, positive or negative, depends on where the wind will do the most damage. The corners and edges of your roof incur the most damage when wind starts actually moving the roofing materials. Once the materials become loose, it’s easy for wind to suction the shingles up, allowing for the next gust of positive pressure to push the shingle up and off the roof. This leaves your underlayment exposed to rain and the area around the lifted materials vulnerable to being lifted themselves. Wind damage may start small with the removal of a single shingle but will increase in severity over time causing a peeling effect on the roof.

Even more damaging than wind itself can be wind-blown debris. Check out these steps for inspecting your property for wind damage after high winds and how to take precautions.


After strong winds come through your area, check your yard for shingle debris and look for damaged shingles still attached to your roof (look for curling, cracking or tearing). Wind can also do damage to roof accessories like chimneys, gutters, flashings, ventilation pipes and the underlayment if it becomes exposed.

Large trees that are next to your home, especially trees with branches that hang over your roof can be especially problematic with gusting winds. The branches’ damage can intensify with high winds causing scrapes or even gouge the roof’s surface. Watch out for tree debris blown onto your roof like pine needles and leaves. Debris that accumulates on your roof can trap moisture and, if left too long, it can cause rot or deterioration in the shingles and roof deck. Gutters tend to fill with windblown leaves and other debris during storms. If left to accumulate, gutters become blocked and can cause water to collect on your roof leading to damage to the  underlayment, staining and even foundation issues.  Make sure to clear gutters of debris often and check that rainwater is flowing off your roof properly.


It is always best to schedule an inspection before storm season rolls around to make sure your roofing materials are secure, but if you find your roof is leaking consistently after rainfall, schedule an inspection right away. Besides the obvious sign of noticeable water dripping into your home, other signs of a roof leak include staining on the ceiling or walls and missing or damaged shingles.

However, it’s important to know that after a heavy, blustery rain storm, sometimes roofs can be affected by wind-driven rains. Roofs are designed to shed water that comes in vertically.

Wind-driven rain blows horizontally with help from the wind, penetrating crevices under your shingles and in your roofing system that are impossible to predict. Wind-driven rain must enter your roofing system at the perfect angle, but it is not necessarily a cause of roofing concern. Not sure if your leaking roof is related to wind-driven rains or a true roofing concern? Don’t worry – our team of experts is always happy to help you identify the cause of your roof leaks.


Call your local roofer to replace what might look like minor damage to you as soon as possible to avoid a total roof replacement in the future. It’s best not to give the next wind event easy access!

For your own safety and to avoid damaging the roof further, we never recommend that you climb onto your roof to do an inspection, so call in the experts at Elliott Roofing. During an inspection, our staff will look for damage from wind on your shingles and accessories, wind-blown debris and identify what might be causing any leaks. Estimates are always complimentary at Elliott Roofing, so you can put your dollars into what matters most: the safety and security of your family with a stable roof over your heads.


Protecting your home with the proper roofing material is a serious matter.  Whether you are needing a roof repair or a total roof replacement it’s important to know what materials are best suited for your project. With so many roofing materials on the market it can be overwhelming to make the best decision that fits your roof’s structure and aesthetic. Watch the video above of the Elliott Roofing residential sales team as they explain the differences in some of the top-of-the-line products that we carry, including:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Impact Resistant Shingles
  • Wood Shake Shingles (available in real wood, asphalt, synthetic and stone-coated steel options)
  • Slate Shingles (available in real slate, synthetic and asphalt options)
  • Spanish Tile Shingles (available in clay, concrete, stone-coated steel and asphalt options)

In addition to shingles, we make sure that your roofing system is protected and polished, so we offer the following roofing accessories:

  • Roof Accessories
    • Underlayment (available in organic and synthetic options)
    • Ice & Water Shields
    • Standard and Custom Flashings
    • Copper Standing Seams
    • Custom Saddles or Crickets
    • Counter Flashings
    • Copper Finials, Chimney Caps, Cupolas and Caps

Our metal accessories come with soldered corners, joints and seams to ensure maximum leak protection.

There are so many products available to you and it can be confusing to know which materials can stand up to Mother Nature and Father Time. For questions about roofing materials, contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales team at (800) 573–8388 or send us a message.


After a big storm hits, Oklahoma is a prime target for fly-by-night roofers (we call them “Chuck in a truck”). These salesmen are easy to spot. Fly-by-night roofers knock door-to-door offering quick repairs at inexpensive rates, typically lack a professional online presence and have no proof of insurance, licensing or bonding. Don’t be fooled by a door-to-door scam! Call Elliott Roofing first if you experience storm damage. We’re always here when you need us, not when you don’t.


Let’s jump back to 1988, a year filled with denim outfits, U2 and when gas was a mere $0.91/gallon. Elliott Roofing was a fairly young company, just seven years old to be exact. We were busy proving our skills and quality of service to the citizens of Oklahoma. A sweet couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, hired us to replace the roof on their Oklahoma City home. Having never used us before, the Smiths took a chance on Elliott Roofing. Little did anyone know, the Smiths found their roofing company for life.

Fast forward to 2018. Our residential roofing team schedules an inspection on an Oklahoma City home for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith. When our estimator, Bryan, arrived he was greeted by this same sweet couple who presented him with an Elliott Roofing contract straight out of the 80s. Bryan was captivated with their story and enjoyed hearing about their experience all those years ago.

In 30 years, the Smiths never needed a roof repair and never experienced a leak or any storm damage. This is unheard of, especially in Oklahoma! Their roof, which had a 20-year manufacturer warranty, lasted a full 30 years before they were forced to replace it to continue their insurance coverage. Bryan mentioned in discussing the longevity of the Smith’s roof, “When a 20-year roofing system lasts for 30 years with no problems, why not use Elliott Roofing to have a new and improved roof last another 30+ years.”

After all this time, we were absolutely thrilled to hear that the Smiths had such a great experience decades ago and that they chose Elliott Roofing to serve them again. “Previous customers are the cornerstone of our business. Earning the trust of a homeowner and gaining the opportunity to serve them over the years is our ultimate goal. We strive to become our customers’ roofer for life. We are so pleased that the Smiths have found that in us,” said Matt Case, managing partner of Elliott Roofing.

After seeing our joy in the nostalgia – they even gifted us our old contract to hold onto. Once our entire team heard the Smith’s story and saw the contract and old logo, we knew we had to commemorate this experience. So, we created throwback t-shirts for our team with old school Elliott Roofing branding. With now more than 37 years of experience, fair pricing, and professionalism, Elliott Roofing continues be “The Quality Choice.” What a fun story this has been for our team to share!

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
— Douglas Adams


Filing an insurance claim after a damaging storm can be stressful, especially figuring out where to start. With our years of experience working with insurance companies and roof damage, Elliott Roofing can guide you through the claim process. Read our blog to learn how to react after a storm comes through.


Before calling your insurance company to file a claim, we recommend having Elliott Roofing perform a free inspection. We can ensure if the damage is severe enough to warrant a claim before you get too far in the process.


We have years of experience working with insurance claims and damaged roofs; utilize us! We will start with an initial inspection to verify whether there is damage. If we find enough damage to proceed with an insurance claim, we can act as your liaison and help process the claim with the insurance company.


In order to file a claim, most insurance companies will require documentation from a professional. After our initial inspection, we will provide a written damage assessment outlining the extent of the damage and necessary repairs.


In some cases, your roof may experience severe damage that must be dealt with sooner rather than later. We can apply emergency roof tarping to prevent any further damage while waiting on the claim to be processed.

Elliott Roofing is here to help throughout every stage of your roofing process. Call us to schedule a free inspection.


We’ve all been there. A big storm hits your area and suddenly you’re bombarded with direct mail advertisements and the dreaded door-to-door salesmen. We call these salesmen “fly-by-night roofers” because they’re notorious for coming into an area after a storm, knocking door-to-door, offering quick and often inexpensive roof repairs or reroofs, and leaving without providing valid contact information in case you need to redeem your warranty in the future.

How can you protect yourself from a roofing scam? Here are a few ways to spot a fly-by-night roofer:


Before hiring a roofing company, check to make sure they have a professional website and online reviews. If they lack an online presence, they are probably not reputable.


After a hail storm or natural disaster, local roofing companies will be busy and may have to put you on a waiting list. Don’t worry – that is actually a good sign. If a company has so many local and loyal customers that they can’t get to you right away, that means they are likely a reputable roofing company. Fly-by-night roofers will promise quick turnaround times and come knocking before you’ve had a chance to do your research.


When a roofing company comes to inspect your roof, they should present you with a formal estimate outlining the scope of work and breakdown of cost. Be wary of any company that wants to start work before they have a signed estimate or contract.


A reputable roofing company should not ask you to pay anything in advance. Avoid paying a company before the work is completed. If you pay upfront, there is no obligation for a fly-by-night roofer to finish the work.


For your protection, it is extremely important that you hire a roofing company that is insured, licensed and bonded. In Oklahoma, roofing contractors are also required to be registered with the Construction Industries Board. Be sure to ask the company if they are registered, licensed, carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, and are bonded. If you are skeptical, ask for proof. Better yet – check for yourself at the Construction Industry Board Website. You can search a contractor’s good standing by business name or by company owner.


It is always best to hire local. If you hire an out-of-state company, they are likely going back to their home state after the storm repairs are finished and they are paid. This means they will be long gone when you need help addressing warranty issues or damages.

At Elliott Roofing, we will always be upfront and honest about our work, and you can trust that we will be around when you need us. Get ahead of storm season and call us today for a free roof inspection and estimate.



Hiring a roofing company is a complex decision, whether you have been planning for a new roof or you’ve been hit by a storm. Make sure to take your time and research multiple roofing companies before investing in a new roof. Here are a few things we think are important to know when hiring a roofing contractor:


By Oklahoma law, a roofing contractor is required to be registered with the Construction Industries Board. Every Oklahoma licensed roofing contractor will be assigned a unique number and issued proper documentation. They should also have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. Before considering a roofing company, be sure to ask if they have the proper licensing and insurance. You can even ask for proof of these important credentials.

You always want to see that the roofing contractor is bonded for your protection. A bond, also known as a surety bond, is a legal contract that protects one party against monetary loss if the second party fails to perform the agreed task. That means that as the owner of a property, you are protected should your roofing professional fail to fulfill the terms of the contract you agreed upon.


It is always best to have a detailed estimate that breaks down the scope of work. When you receive an estimate from a roofing contractor, look for items such as type of shingles, shingle accessories, details referring to the included warranty and the procedure of the roof installation.

After you have looked over the estimate and have all of your questions answered, it is time to sign the contract. A reputable contractor will never make you feel pressured to sign anything until you feel comfortable.


During the roofing process, it is important that you have a clear line of communication with the roofing company. When talking to roofing contractors, ask who will be the point of contact overseeing your project. Ideally, a project manager will be assigned to your job and contact you before the job begins. The project manager should clearly explain what to expect during the construction process and share their contact information for any further questions or concerns.


Be careful to watch for roofing scams, especially after a big storm hits your area! A few warning signs include:

  • The contractor being reluctant to provide proof of insurance and licensing
  • Lack of reviews or references
  • The contractor asking the homeowner to sign an estimate without a clear explanation of work
  • The contractor asking for payment before the project begins
  • Out-of-state credentials. Hire local professionals to protect your warranty. Roofers with out-of-state credentials might leave before completing a project and will be long gone after their work is done, meaning no one will be around to address warranty issues.

At Elliott Roofing, we will always be transparent in our work and treat each customer with integrity. Call us today for a free roofing inspection and estimate!


When you call Elliott Roofing, chances are that you will be greeted with the sweet voice of our beloved team member, Jonie. We sat down with Jonie to learn a little more about her and her passion for Elliott Roofing. Learn more about our office administrator below.


I am the office administrator at Elliott Roofing. Typically, I am the first person at our office to interact with customers and help guide them to the right person based on their needs.


My day consists of talking to customers, answering questions and overseeing our accounts receivable and billing. I also oversee most company operations and administrative tasks, allowing me to work with the whole team.


I love that our company values the Golden Rule: treating others the way you want to be treated, both with our team and our customers.


My favorite part of working here is the team of people I get to work with. We all support one another, help each other out when needed and strive to make Elliott Roofing a fun place to work.


Elliott Roofing gives back to our community and our customers when possible. We recently decided to show a token of our appreciation to one of our customers, an active member of the military stationed overseas. We decided to express our gratitude for his service to our country by waiving his remaining balance due. Our company’s initiative to give back is one of my favorite aspects about Elliott Roofing.


I landed at Elliott Roofing by happenstance. My previous employer was closing and a friend told me that Elliott Roofing was hiring and that it was a great place to work—they were right!


My grandkids keep me busy with basketball and soccer games.


Oklahoma is home. It’s where family and friends are. I lived out of state for a few years, and it was nice, but it wasn’t home. Home is where your heart is, and my heart will always be here.



Jonie is always very helpful, efficient and consistent with Elliott Roofing customers and fellow employees. If something is needed, Jonie can be counted on every time.
Jonie always has the sweetest attitude! Whether it’s hearing her kind voice over the phone or catching her smile in the office, she’s always welcoming and warm.
Jonie is always kind, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. She is dependable and consistent. It’s always nice to be greeted by Jonie when I come to the office.
Jonie has always been extremely reliable. No matter what task you give her she always pulls through.


Commercial roofs come in all shapes and sizes. Between roof repairs, reroofs or new construction, Elliott Roofing can help you with it all. Here are a few things you should know about our commercial roofing services!


Paul Stowe is our commercial estimator. He receives invitations to bid projects and he pinpoints the projects that are the best fit for our company. When Paul is creating a bid, he looks at the specifications, scope of work, measurements and material costs to calculate the budget.

Josh Benson is our commercial production and quality assurance manager. Once we are awarded a new commercial project, Josh meets with Paul to discuss the scope of the project and any specific requests from the contractor. Josh takes the lead on the project, organizes the crew, manages materials, schedules and communicates with all necessary players. Josh oversees the project from beginning to end.


The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB) commercial endorsement is awarded to roofing companies that pass a test covering business law and commercial roofing application and technique. We encourage all property owners and general contractors to do their research before hiring a roofing contractor for their commercial project. It is against the law in Oklahoma for a company to roof a commercial development without this endorsement. Hiring an unendorsed roofer could cause delays and fines if caught by the CIB. Elliott Roofing is proudly endorsed by the CIB!


All new roofing projects start with a hard bid. If the general contractor accepts our bid, we will typically start our installation after the framing has been completed. After the roof is installed, we wait until the exterior finishes are applied to finish perimeter details, such as metal edging or coping caps. After the work is complete, a manufacture inspection is done if extended warranties are applied.


We work on all sizes and types of commercial roofing systems, although we particularly enjoy Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and metal roofing projects. There are no jobs too big or small for us. We have worked on some of the largest developments in Oklahoma, but we will also come to repair a single shingle.


Each roof is different, but single-ply and metal roofing systems seem to be a trend right now.

Flat commercial roofs should last up to 20 years under normal weather conditions. A 20-year manufacturer warranty is very common.


If you already have an established business, we know the importance of getting a construction job finished quickly, efficiently and effectively. Our crews install new roofs with minimal disruption to businesses and their customers. It is very rare that a business would need to close during the roofing process.


We have roofed a number of commercial projects including fast food restaurants, gas stations, hotels and apartment complexes. One of the more specialized roofs we are currently working on is Tulsa’s Gathering Place. This project will feature materials never seen in Oklahoma and exquisite panel details. We thoroughly enjoy new and different projects.


Commercial roofing projects can be extensive and time-consuming, so it is very important that we maintain an open line of communication with the general contractor and any other key people involved in the project. We want to ensure our customers are informed of our progress or any issues we could run into. Good news or bad, we communicate it all.


Caring for your roof can seem like a daunting task. Since most homeowners are not experts in the roofing business, we have answered some of our customers’ frequently asked questions so you can better care for your roof.


Homeowners can perform a roof inspection from the ground by looking for loose or missing shingles and any shingle debris in the yard, gutters and garden. If your shingles are damaged or lifted, you could face bigger problems such as leaks and interior water staining. Monitoring the quality of your shingles is the best way to catch an issue.

Also, look for excess granule loss on your shingles. All new roofs will have some granule loss, but you should not see too much loss after the roof is a year old.

Lastly, check that your wind turbines are spinning properly and not rattling.


If you notice any of the above issues it is time to call an expert. Inspections and estimates are always free with Elliott Roofing. Give us a call today!


Not always, but it is preferred. When the homeowner is present, it gives us a chance to get to know them, we can show them what we are inspecting and we can answer any questions on site.


The life expectancy for most shingles ranges from 25-30 years. Unfortunately for homeowners in Oklahoma, harsh weather can play a large part in how long your shingles last, so they likely won’t last as long as the average life expectancy.


The biggest difference between base level and premium shingles is the weight. Premium shingles have more fillers and ingredients, making them denser and offering better protection for your roof. Premium shingles also have a larger variety of designs, cuts and colors to choose from.


Our average install takes two days. That can vary based on the size and steepness of the roof and the number of existing layers that would need to be removed.


Keeping debris off of your roof is essential to minimizing damage to your shingles. Trim tree branches away from the roof and clean any build-up of debris and leaves from the gutters.

Also, stay off your roof as much as possible to minimize wear and tear.

Most importantly, never attempt to make roof repairs on your own.


Schedule a roof inspection every two to three years, especially when a big rain or hail storm comes through or right before the winter season. Regular inspections allow our team the chance to pinpoint a problem area before damage occurs.

Call us with questions or concerns on how to best protect your roof.

OKC: 405-789-4646

TULSA: 918-524-4646


The start of a new year is the time for setting goals, making resolutions and preparing for what’s ahead. This year, we’re making one of your resolutions easy. In 2018, stay on top of your roof maintenance to make your shingles last longer and avoid costly services and repairs.

We’ve prepared a seasonal timeline to help guide you through quarterly maintenance checks, possible issues that arise with the changing seasons. As always, we offer free roof inspections if you need any assistance!


Winter weather brings freezing temperatures and precipitation. When ice and snow accumulate, it can create an ice dam. An ice dam is a ridge of ice at the edge of a roof preventing the snow, ice or water from draining properly. This can be extremely harmful to your roof because the moisture will soak into the shingles causing damage and possibly leaks.

Other ways to prevent damage to the roof and leaks into the home include having open ventilation systems and making sure that all low slopes, valleys and eaves are sealed.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Be sure your roof and gutters are clear so water can drain properly
  • Check that your ventilation systems are working properly
  • Inspect low slopes, valleys and eaves to make sure they are sealed

If you do encounter issues with snow or ice build-up on your roof, never throw ice melt on the roof. This can cause serious damage to the shingles and shorten the life of your roof.


With spring comes rain showers and storms. It is especially important to keep your roof clear of debris and leaves so water does not sit on the roof. Because of high winds and rain, this is the time of year you are likely to see debris on your roof. Debris can trap moisture as well as damage shingles depending on the wind speed.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Clear your gutters before rain season starts
  • Keep your trees trimmed to prevent branches from falling onto the roof
  • Continuously use a blower to clear the roof of leaves, branches and debris


To prepare for heat waves, ensure that your ventilation systems are working properly. Keeping your attic cool will help prevent your roof and shingles from sustaining damage from heat. While inspecting and maintaining your roof, keep foot traffic to a minimum as this might cause damage to the shingles. As warmer weather approaches, the shingles can become soft and fragile.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Inspect the roof for any damage from spring storms
  • Check that your attic ventilation system is working properly to cool your roof


One of the most important maintenance items in the fall is continuously clearing the roof and gutters of falling leaves and debris. Because the fall months require minimal maintenance, it is the perfect time to prepare your roof for the harsh winter weather. Check that your shingles are in good condition and all low slopes, wall and penetrations are cleared and properly sealed.

Important Maintenance Items:

  • Keep the roof clear of falling leaves and debris
  • Have any cracks sealed in preparation for winter precipitation
  • Clear the gutters to make sure water is draining properly

Maintaining the quality of your shingles can help prolong the life of your roof. If you are unsure how to inspect or maintain your roof, call us at (405) 789-4646 for a free inspection.