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Filing an insurance claim after a damaging storm can be stressful, especially figuring out where to start. With our years of experience working with insurance companies and roof damage, Elliott Roofing can guide you through the claim process. Read our blog to learn how to react after a storm comes through.

First Steps After a Storm

Before calling your insurance company to file a claim, we recommend having Elliott Roofing perform a free inspection. We can ensure if the damage is severe enough to warrant a claim before you get too far in the process.

Rely on Your Roofing Company

We have years of experience working with insurance claims and damaged roofs; utilize us! We will start with an initial inspection to verify whether there is damage. If we find enough damage to proceed with an insurance claim, we can act as your liaison and help process the claim with the insurance company.

Records Needed to File

In order to file a claim, most insurance companies will require documentation from a professional. After our initial inspection, we will provide a written damage assessment outlining the extent of the damage and necessary repairs.

Handling Emergency Repairs

In some cases, your roof may experience severe damage that must be dealt with sooner rather than later. We can apply emergency roof tarping to prevent any further damage while waiting on the claim to be processed.

Elliott Roofing is here to help throughout every stage of your roofing process. Call us to schedule a free inspection.

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