At Elliott Roofing, 100% of our focus is on providing the best quality and service for our customers. It’s our top priority, and we take it seriously. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and make the roofing experience better. Whether it’s new materials, new methods or new employees, we’re always looking for an edge toward excellence. So when we had the opportunity to add Ellie, an audacious Australian Shepherd, to our roofing team, we were panting and drooling at the mouth to do so. Her potential as a true woofing expert made her the perfect piece to our Elliott Roofing puzzle.

Ellie is a woofing contractor who’s been handling the “ruff” stuff of roofing her entire life. Her small size, and woofing experience makes her ideally suited to work on your roof. Though Ellie didn’t graduate from any institute of higher learning, she did graduate from the School of Hard Barks. While Ellie is dedicated to taking a bite out of the workday, she likes having fun too. When she’s not roofing, she enjoys playing catch, fetch and performing her many tricks. However, we all know that her biggest guilty pleasure is stashing her bones around the office for her break time. Ellie is itching to put her expertise to work for you and your roof.

Give Elliott Roofing a call today. We’ll set Ellie loose and sic her on your roofing issues right away.